Asada “Sinon” Shino.

Sword Art Online 2 ep 7 - Kirigaya Kazuto
They say the first BoB had two winners. 
We can fight in the next tournament.
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Your magic, love.

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tags: #ouat #Captain Swan

Right now, we have a quiet moment 

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If you must die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part
And if you must die,
Remember your life

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In The Flesh meme
    ∟ [5/5] five details
→ hands


bbcthree bbcamerica 

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drew ciel from the circus arc *v*/ it’s one of my fav arcs and i love all the details to their outfits 

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Destiny scenery

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elsa defending herself (ouat vs. frozen)